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June 10, 2003
Michael Savage's Letters to Allen Ginsberg

I am not kidding, folks, there was a time when outspoken gay-basher Michael "Savage" Weiner was a fan of the very openly gay Allen Ginsberg. Radar has the letters--a must-read! I'd love it if the photo of Ginsberg and Weiner swimming together in the nude came to light as these letters have.

Predictably, Weiner calls the story a "smear campaign" directed by "gay fascists." (Scroll down to "A Savage letter?")

Update on the Lawsuit

Savage has issued a press release announcing that Public Citizen, a non-profit public interest law firm, has agreed to defend them from the lawsuit filed by Talk Radio Network, Inc.

Michael Savage (as well as Savage has also been hit with a domain-name dispute. Go here for links to TRN's complaints and the website's responses.

Take Back the Media can use some donations to its legal fund. You can donate through Paypal.

Kari Lydersen writes about the case on Alternet, and Buzzflash features an interview with Michael Stinson, whose wife, Julie Sigwart, was served with papers in the lawsuit (Stinson and Sigwart are with Take Back the Media).

It's obvious that Weiner/Savage is trying to bludgeon into submission anyone who dares to expose him for what he is. Notice that he doesn't go after the big, more powerful organizations like GLAAD, but rather after small websites without the resources to defend themselves. What a bully--but then, we knew that ... He's hoping to make all of us afraid to tell the truth. Well, it ain't gonna happen.

I have to think the man is getting desperate--that perhaps his ratings aren't as sky-high as he likes us all to think, and that the adverse publicity is getting to him. The man is vicious. We don't need the likes of him spewing hate over the airwaves.

June 03, 2003

Thanks to Atrios for this bit of news: MSNBC, despite trying to out-Fox Fox, isn't doing so well. For the week of May 19-25 it came in dead last among news channels at 8.1% of the viewing audience during prime time, after Fox, CNN, and Headline News, in that order. It did slightly better during the day, in third place at 11.8%, a tad over Headline News with 10.8%. Still, that didn't represent an increase, while daytime Headline News actually did increase in viewers over the previous week's audience.

I guess Michael Savage just isn't pulling his weight. Maybe MSNBC will get the hint and get rid of him. Doesn't look like Joe Scarborough in prime time is doing them any good, either. Hah!

June 02, 2003
Talk Radio Network Sues Anti-Savage Sites!

Talk Radio Network is suing Michael Savage Sucks, Savage Stupidity, and Take Back the Media, web sites urging the boycott of Savage's sponsors. The lawsuits allege that the sites unlawfully allow users to play copyrighted clips of the radio broadcasts. In addition, the lawsuit accuses the site owners of making "false and malicious statements" in a campaign to induce sponsors to end their commercial relationship with Savage Nation. The lawsuit specifically mentions Culligan, the water-softener people. Culligan ended plans to sponsor Savage's show after "e-mail and letter campaigns." TRN is asking for not less than $500,000 in "compensatory damages."

In a hilarious commentary on the intelligence level of Savage's fans, another suit against Savage Stupidity claims that the site's name is confusingly close to Savage's site, Michael

Obviously, Michael Savage can dish it out, but he can't take it. He's whined before that those who object to his being on the air are trying to deprive him of a livelihood. The lawsuits also prove that the boycott is having an effect.

Bartcop predicts that the lawsuit will be dropped. Let's hope so. I'm still trying to figure out which of the comments on these sites could be called "false." It's Savage himself who says things so objectionable that any decent advertiser made aware of the statements would have to wonder if the company should align itself with such a person.