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May 21, 2003
We're Back

First it was the war, which pre-empted Savage's MSNBC show, and then real life that suspended posts to this blog. However, we're back with news and ways you can fight the savage Mr. Savage.

Write to Savage's MSNBC sponsors.

Visit GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to e-mail three of Savage's MSNBC sponsors. The others must be contacted via phone or snail mail, but the addresses are given on the GLAAD site. Read the sample e-mail letter to get some hints on what you might say to the sponsors.

Visit Michael Savage Sucks for a list of sponsors and an e-mail form you can use to write to these sponsors. Because Savage is often shown on other programs, this site is calling for a boycott of all MSNBC advertisers. The site has some interesting articles and info on Savage; check it out.

Savage Ridicules the Autistic

Not content with his racist, sexist, and homophobic comments; not content with calling Elizabeth Smart (and other teen girls who were kidnapped and raped) a slut; Michael Savage has now taken to mocking the autistic. According to Atrios, Savage discussed the new report out of California showing a dramatic increase in cases of autism. Savage dismissed the report and, according to an e-mail from Rick Rollens, quoted by Atrios, mocked the autistic community by reading symptoms of autism and saying flippantly, '"I have that, I have that, I have that," ridiculing the seriousness of autism.

How evil is this? Go and read this (scroll down to May 16), the words of the father of an autistic child, and you'll see. Michael Savage has no shame. But then, we've said that before.

Please e-mail Michael Savage (if you have the stomach) at Michael Savage and ask him where the "compassion" of his self-styled "compassionate conservatism" is.

Also, e-mail and and, as Atrios says, "ask them if a man who openly mocks and scorns the disabled is someone they think should be representing their news channel."