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March 21, 2003

More advertisers have pulled their spots from Savage's show: Biologic Solutions (which advertised Skintight), NBTY (maker of Puritan's Pride),, and Nautilus (maker of Bowflex). Still advertising are Video Professor and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. You can e-mail these holdouts at the GLAAD site--just use the link and click on "Take Action."

Even a right-winger calls on Michael Savage to apologize after Savage implied that Elizabeth Smart is a slut. Now we really know the kind of person Savage is. As I've pointed out before, though, Savage seems to be obsessed with the sexuality of young women: see this link.

March 19, 2003
Through GLAAD you can now send e-mails to all the advertisers on last Saturday's Savage Nation. Simply click on the "Take Action" link.

The United Church of Christ, with about a million and a half members, has joined the fight to have Michael Savage removed from MSNBC's lineup. They rightfully argue that Savage's messages of hate and intolerance are inconsistent with Christian values.

The Register has a biting piece satirizing the prospect of GE and Microsoft selling America's "core values" abroad using Michael Savage as a cultural ambassador. Many thanks to that great site, Michael Savage Sucks, for linking to this.

March 17, 2003
MSNBC Ignores Protests, Advertiser Withdrawals; Gives Savage More Time

Unbelievably, MSNBC, in a move showing its contempt for ordinary decency, is now scheduling Michael Savage for regular appearances on Buchanan and Press, 2 to 4 p.m. (ET) on Wednesdays, and on MSNBC Reports with Joe Scarborough every Friday at 10 p.m.

Please write immediately to MSNBC, Erik Sorenson, and Neal Shapiro and tell them what you think of this. (All you pro-Savage types, don't bother to write thanking me for providing the address. I'm tired of semi-literate e-mail.)

MSNBC Feedback

Erik Sorenson, MSNBC President

Neil Shapiro

Politeness is always more effective, although after you read up on Savage, it may be hard to keep up a veneer of civility.

"A Sad Day in Television History"

So reads the title of the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council's press release criticizing MSNBC for its "unprecedented decision to become the first national television channel to give a white supremacist a regularly scheduled program."

This is the first time in its 17-year history that MMTC has taken a stand against a particular program, after being asked by some of the 51 groups it comprises to do so. MMTC expresses "astonishment" at MSNBC's decision, stating that MMTC "has always admired NBC's well known policies of equal opportunity and NBC's generous and unwavering support of minority advancement in education and in the media industries."

It is indeed a sad day when the channel that broadcast Marian Anderson's 1939 Lincoln Memorial Concert--after the DAR Constitution Hall refused to integrate its stage--now chooses to give air time to the likes of Michael Savage.

The Savage Nation, March 15 edition

Three of the big advertisers on the show were Bowflex, Earthlink, and (Clicking on the links will pop up an e-mail address). I have an Earthlink account and will have to find out whether I can connect in some other way to the Internet. We've been thinking of a satellite link, and now I have an excellent reason to explore that.

Yes, I forced myself to watch it. Ho-hum. Why Savage even bothers with the pretext of callers I have no idea. He lets them make some lame statement like, "Yeah, yeah, these people who don't want us to attack Iraq, what's up with them?" just so he can then go off on the antiwar movement in what is, alas, a very predictable manner. Over and over again he showed footage of the WTC being flown into and then crumbling, obviously with the purpose of reinforcing in viewers' minds the false idea that the hijackers were linked to Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Since roughly half the populace already believes this thanks to the encouragement of George W. Bush, Savage's task is not too difficult.

News of the dangerously contagious and mysterious pneumonia that has recently surfaced prompted a diatribe against immigrants, who, he said, have "gang-banged" America. Oh, really? Who does he think we all are, save for the Native Americans?

March 13, 2003

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has announced that all national sponsors of MSNBC's "Savage Nation" debut have publicly withdrawn from the program. The companies are Procter & Gamble, Dell Computer Corporation, Casual Male, Idea Village, Cole Media Group, The Sharper Image, General Mills, and Kraft.

Savage's response was predictable. He called GLAAD's actions "a restraint of trade issue" and said they were violating federal law. He also threatened litigation.

Talks between NBC news and GLAAD were broken off when NBC insisted on confidentiality regarding both content and outcome of the talks.

In other news, GLAAD, NOW, and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) have been joined by the Human Rights Campaign in calling for MSNBC to reconsider their hiring of Savage. HRC is calling on the Justice Department to repudiate Savage's threat to use the department to pursue the opposing groups under terrorism legislation, saying that the groups' actions constitute "economic terrorism."

March 11, 2003
More on Savage's foray into TV land:

Although a Swiffer ad ran on Savage's show last Saturday, Procter & Gamble has stated that it will not advertise on the show and that the airing of the commercial was a mistake. The company says that Savage's show violates their content guidelines.

Kraft also mistakenly ran an ad on the show, for Gevalia. Kraft says it will not happen again.

The bad reviews of Savage's TV debut continue to pour in. "MSNBC, Savage Look Foolish" says one headline. "'Savage Nation's' audible splat is a good example of what's wrong with MSNBC," wrote another reviewer. "Don't give up your day job," advised another.

Hey--do you think it's just coincidence that I haven't received any pro-Savage e-mail since his maiden flight??

March 10, 2003

Protest MSNBC's hiring of hate-radio jock Michael Savage!

On the other hand, Savage may yet bring about his own departure.

Apparently, Savage's first show was "excruciatingly dull" (Salon), "a yawner" (Arizona Republic). Only Savage's most rabid fans were allowed to get past the screener, except for Steve Pellegrino, whose hobby seems to be sneaking past those protectors of TV-talk-show decorum in order to disconcert the host. The minute he said, "my girlfriend is from .... a Turd World Nation," he was cut off. No, MSNBC isn't going to get anyone to forget that they've hired a racist. With no one to debate on the air, Savage set up his usual straw men to attack.

In considering Savage's viewers, Salon asks, "How dumb are they?" and goes on to detail an exchange with "Todd." Believe me, these are people who think professional wrestling is real.

Entertainment Weekly called Savage a "nasty, stupid piece of work -- a puffed-up hate-monger, pure and simple-minded."

But just in case he doesn't ....

GLAAD reports that both Procter & Gamble and Kraft Foods pulled their ads after receiving transcripts of Savage's radio show. MSNBC received 3,000 anti-Savage e-mails in the days leading up to his television premiere. The only two major corporations to advertise on the show were Dell and Sharper Image. (That's two too many--get those letters out!) Hop on over to MichaelSavageSucks for a list of advertisers; the site is organizing a boycott.
GLAAD has scheduled a meeting with the network to discuss its concerns about the show. But gays and lesbians are far from the only, or even the most-attacked groups on Savage's shows. The bigotry and hatred Savage so proudly parades cover a lot of bases, indeed: women, immigrants, Muslims, African-Americans, liberals and leftists, peace advocates--the list goes on.

This is the man whom Erik Sorenson says he hired to discuss national security. Hmmm. I guess closing the borders to all immigration and deploying troops on the border with Mexico (even while waging war against Iraq) to make sure no Hispanics get in (they "breed like rabbits," you know, according to Savage) are the national-security measures Sorenson has in mind.

Sorenson has said that "those statements as quoted by GLAAD and FAIR are not appropriate for MSNBC. ...Those kinds of statements will not be permitted. And if they do happen, they won't happen more than once." Wonder how many of Savage's listeners will stay loyal without the opportunity to hear slurs against anyone who isn't a white male.

March 06, 2003
No, we still don't have those sample letters up! Argghh. I hope you've taken the time to e-mail MSNBC, Sorenson, and Shapiro, though. If not, please scroll down.

Salon has a story on Savage that's worth reading, even if you do have to sit through the ad. Michael Savage swimming in the nude with ... Allen Ginsberg?? Well, that makes you think, doesn't it, about the source of those homophobic rants. announces that its boycott of all MSNBC sponsors is to begin March 9. I've sent them an e-mail asking for more on this.

We received the following e-mail from Lain Kay, who gave us permission to reprint it:

I live in Bozeman, MT and when I ran into a person who believed Savage's vicious statements about everything and everybody, I had to pay more attention to this guy. I have written a letter to MSNBC and am attempting to mobilize more people to do so. I heard his statements about Mr. Fred Rogers last Thursday, Feb. 27, and was so amazed at Savage's calling him a Wuss and a Sissy and [saying Rogers] was too kind. He added that we need more kiddie shows with someone like General Patton as host. I hope he lost the caller who wanted to honor Fred Rogers at that point. I am also contacting our local radio station about carrying Savage's program which is on at 5:00 pm and gives him an edge with people driving home from work. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Lain! Just pass our URL on to as many people as you can.

Lain's letter makes a nice change from the pro-Savage people. I admit I look forward every morning to reading their feeble attempts at witty repartee, but after awhile one does begin to realize just who it is who listens to Savage. It saddens me to think that so many people exploit the worst tendencies of human beings, and all to make a buck.

March 03, 2003
New Actions

Addresses of advertisers on MSNBC--more on the way. Write and let them know how you feel about Michael Savage and his corporate sponsors.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has put out an alert about Michael Savage. You can click on their "Take Action" button to send e-mails to MSNBC president and general manager Erik Sorenson and NBC News president Neil Shapiro. GLAAD reports on the threats Savage made to organizations protesting MSNBC's hiring of the hate-radio jock. Among other things, Savage said he would use the Justice Department to shut down his enemies, threatening, "We're going to go after your funding sources. And we will do everything we can within the legal realm to cut off that funding! We are also going to go to the U.S. Justice Department under John Ashcroft! What you are doing is illegal! You think it's 1965 and I'm South Africa? I've got news for you: it's not 1965 and it ain't South Africa! I'll cut your funding off, and if you break the law any further, I'll put you in jail!" Whoa, does this guy have a delusion of grandeur or what??

I've added Shapiro's snail-mail and e-mail addresses to the addresses in this blog's first entry--scroll down. is mounting a letter-writing campaign to the sponsors of Savage's radio show.


March 02, 2003
I have to tell you, if the mail I've gotten from them so far is any indication, those pro-Savage folk aren't terribly bright. It's mildly amusing to see these people claim the moral high ground and accuse us of censoring free speech and attempting to deprive someone of his livelihood. I've been told it's too bad I can't "take a joke." Then, in what's clearly meant to shrivel me, I've been told, "Thanks for giving me the address, now I can tell MSNBC how much I like Michael." Ooooh, what a blow! Of course, there's no way to actually defend Savage's ideas, because he doesn't have any; he merely repeats stereotypes and spews vitriol.

Has anyone ever done a profile of people who listen to hate radio? I'd be interested to read it. Wouldn't want to go bowling with them, that's for sure.